GDPR Compliant Cookie Management Tool

The CodingFreaks Cookie Manager is your all-in-one solution for GDPR and ePrivacy. Our tool guides you through the complexities of data privacy.

Cookie Scanner

Detect, categorize cookies automatically. Ensure GDPR compliance with our Cookie Scanner. Scan your Website for embedded cookies. Stay informed, safeguard user data. Enhance privacy and Website performance!

User-Friendly Cookie Banners

Cookie Banner Integration with a user-friendly interface. Elevate user experience with easy-to-implement cookie banners. Build trust, ensure compliance. Prioritize privacy preferences for enhanced user satisfaction!

Beta API Access

Revolutionize your website governance with our API-based solution. Gain unprecedented control, flexibility, and efficiency in data privacy management. Experience a paradigm shift in classification, scanning, and reporting.


Getting Started is Easy

Embark on your privacy journey. Register in a few simple steps, customize your preferences with our intuitive banner options, and integrate the code.

Whether it's adding to your website header or utilizing our CMS Plugin, achieving privacy compliance has never been this easy!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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The plugin assists websites in obtaining and managing user consent for setting cookies, in order to comply with privacy regulations.

Yes, the plugin is optimized for use with all common browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge.

You can install the plugin by uploading the plugin file in WordPress and then configure it via the WordPress dashboard.

Yes, the plugin is also available for other content management systems like Typo3, and more coming soon.

Yes, the plugin offers various customization options to align the design of the cookie notice with the look of your website.

Yes, the plugin has been developed to meet the requirements of the GDPR as well as other international privacy laws.

The settings are securely stored in the user's browser to respect their preferences on future visits.

Updates are automatically provided through the content management system in which the plugin is installed.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support for installation, configuration, and any questions about using the plugin.
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Hallo, ich habe mir heute mal etwas zeitgenommen deine Extension etwas genauer anzugucken. Aber erst mal vorab die Extension ist echt mega gut gemacht und sehr umfangreich...

Original quote, from T3-Slack user

Hallo zusammen, ich finde die Extension ausgezeichnet und sehr intuitiv zu verwenden...

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Cookie Plugin Features


A user-friendly, responsive, and highly customizable cookie consent banner.

Features: Responsive Cookie Banner, Customizable Cookie Consent, User-Friendly Cookie Popup.

Blocking Cookies and autoclear

Our CookieScript blocks first and third party cookies according to the user's preferences.

Features: Cookie Blocking, First-Party Cookies, Third-Party Cookies, User Preference.


Automatic scanning of the website to describe and categorize detected cookies.

Features: Automated Cookie Scan, Cookie Categorization, Website Cookie Analysis.

Consent Control

Allows website users to revoke cookie consent at any time on any page.

Features: Consent Control, Cookie Consent Revocation, User Privacy Control.

GDPR Integration

Our CookieScript offers integrations for all common website creation platforms.

Features: Automatic script blocking, banner custom styling, customization to website elements (colors, position, cloud, bar, box).


Automatic description and categorization of detected cookies using our cookie database.

Features: Cookie Database, Automatic Cookie Description, Cookie Categorization.